Picard returning to the small screen? Make it so!

Let me preface this post with the following: I’m going to attempt to not exclaim like a preteen girl at an N’Sync concert in the 90’s wearing a hypercolor T-shirt (seriously who thought those were a good idea?).

Please Make it So.


The last time the crew of the NCC 1701 – D graced TV Screens was May 1994 and 2002 on the silver screen. Each time, Captain Jean Luc Picard, donned in the red and black Captain’s jumpsuit, commanded one of the most iconic ships to carry the name Enterprise. Both times seeing the end run of both the tv and movie series featuring The Next Generation crew was bittersweet. While I grew up at an early age watching the original Star Trek on reruns on Channel 6 in Central Florida, The Next Generation was “My Trek”. I’ll never forget rushing home from the bus stop just in time to catch Encounter at Farpoint during it’s original airing and simply being blown away. I already had a deep seeded understanding for the Trek Universe so when TNG debuted, it flipped things on its ear for me. And from the first moment Picard spoke, he had me hooked as the new Captain for the Enterprise’s ongoing mission. But as the final episode of the TV run was titled: All good things…

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot!

Old Man Data

When news broke that Patrick Stewart may be making his return to the roll of Picard for the small screen, I was instantly hit in the face with a Nostalgia bomb. The Warp Core in my mind began working overdrive to come up with ways the writers could possibly bring Picard back to a series. Let’s look at some of the obstacles. First and foremost, I don’t think we can get the Enterprise back on the screen (for multiple reasons. I mean honestly, Data doesn’t age and Brent, god love em, has). Plus we still have the reboot with the Enterprise on the big screen and they have been working hard to establish that ship in it’s own right.

Let’s also factor in the fact that Patrick Stewart is 78 years old. The writers will need to keep that in mind as well. Picard’s Enterprise run spanned from 1987 to 2002. So putting Jean Luc in a different setting would undoubtedly be a breath of fresh air. So I’ve come up with a few scenarios that I can imagine the new series going with (but not likely).

I’m looking for John Luck Pickard

The life form that kicked off our original journey with The Next Generation. None other than the man himself: Q. Q was by far one of my favorite characters. John de Lancie WAS Q. This character treated Picard like a kitten who has a new catnip stuffed plush mouse. Not only was he the bookend to the original tv run of The Next Generation, some of his episodes throughout the entire run were nothing short of brilliant.

Scenario: Q could decide that he’s waited long enough to give Picard a break and wants to see how he does after an almost two decade reprieve from his presence. Plucking Picard out of his Ambassadorship into a far quadrant of the galaxy with a ship and a skeleton crew. Their mission? Make it back to Federation space by piecing together clues that will last 2-3 seasons. Almost like an intergalactic Shoots and Ladders. Some paths will accelerate their way home. Some will set them back.

Rescue Me

Dr Beverly Crusher will always have a soft spot in the ole Captain’s heart. I just looked up Gates McFaddin’s IMDB and she doesn’t have a lot on her plate right now.

I’m Sorry I was late


Scenario: This series could be a “pulled out of retirement” story of Picard being informed of a broken distress signal from a medical vessel. All that can be heard is **emergency…. attacked…. repeat…. Luc Picard…..**. And have it as the voice of Dr Crusher. This could have Picard being allowed to travel out to meet a starship out in deeper space via a multi leg trip hopping from starship to starship. This opens up the possibilities of so many cameos and one offs. Perhaps Picard happens upon to the USS Titan and has a 4 episode arc with a mission with Captain Riker. They could arrive at Qo’noS to call in a favor from Lt Commander Worf for some added power. You see where I’m going with this.

Reports of my assimilation are greatly exaggerated.

This one would be a little too easy but never the less, it could happen. The Borg have returned with added dangers. They are about 15 years from making it to the Alpha Quadrant. Somehow, they have many Borg sympathizers on Earth. And they have a plan.

Scenario: Borg technology has advanced to the point of sending transwarp nano signals (if Star Trek can make up futuristic space things, so can I. Just go with it.) towards Earth. These nano signals, upon reaching Earth can “Assimilate” any technology it encounters and begins changing the devices it has combined with into seemingly mildly harmful weapons. These weapons are then retrieved by Borg sympathizers that dubbed themselves “The Circuit”. The signals come in bursts and the Federation doesn’t understand how to block the signals. Each season could be the telling of a new device being created until they ultimately are joined together to open a wormhole that allows The Borg direct entry onto Earth, accelerating their plans to assimilate the planet.

Whoops… wrong fandom!


Honestly, I could brainstorm scenario after scenario but you get the idea. Regardless of what happens, the prospects of having Patrick Stewart back in the Trek Universe is delightful. Alex Kurtzman is at the helm of expanding off of Star Trek: Discovery so Alex, if you’re reading this (and you want to use any of the above ideas… @oddzuki is the way to find me virtually anywere!)

What do you think would be a good way to bring Captain Picard back to the Trek Universe

Okay, one more… 
Kenny Adams

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