Why is Venom trying to eat everyone?

Who would send YOU a letter, Venom?

While Sony Pictures has allowed Spider-Man to go play with the other kids in the Marvel camp, they looked at Venom who was wanting to follow his occasional host out into the light and said “Oh..no. Not you!” While most fans of the comic anti-hero looked at Sony as some corporate version of Vernon Dursley not allowing Venom Potter to go Marvel Hogwarts, the latest trailer seems to have won over a large number of naysayers. This leads me to the question:

Why is Venom threatening to eat so many people in the trailer?

You wouldn’t like me when I’m Hangry!

Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock, host to the alien symbiote known as Venom. This part follows true to his comic counterpart. Throughout the third trailer, we not only see Venom merge with Eddie, but we see the duality of the personalities fighting each other for control. Venom even goes as far as bargaining with Eddie for more control and opportunities to “run things”. By bargaining, it appears it’s more threatening than negotiating. Even though Eddie protests at one point, apparently Venom gets his way for at the very least a portion of the film. How do we know this? Well…

At one point, Venom is holding a man in the air commenting on what organ he wants to snack on first. He simply can’t decide (much to the terror of the man who is now a newfound first course) where to start. He gives his meal a lick almost in a way to claim his meal.

Oh stop it, you… that tickles!

And now for our Main Course

The second meal… er… man threatened with becoming a portion of Venom’s digestive tract appears to be more of a second course. Bypassing the nourishment of the organs, Venom decides to go for the mans appendages including his head and tossing out the torso (what a waste of food) to make a poop joke.¬† The scene ends with Venom & Eddie performing a duet when asked who/what he is followed by Venom opening his mouth and the trailer going black.

Is there something in my eye!?


If Venom is eating all of these people, or even if he’s only eating ONE of these people… people in general. If Venom is eating anything other than a Royale with Cheese… what are the logistics of Eddie consuming/digesting these tasty human morsels? That is a LOT of human to fit…inside of another human. I’m sorry for that last sentence but seriously. Let’s look at this with a slim amount of realism.

Leave room for dessert!

In the comics, there were a few instances where Venom threatened to eat someones brains. In one instance he actually did and Eddie was horrified that he did. The average human brain is about 15 centimeters long and weighs about 3lbs. That is WAY doable by any grown human’s standard. Look at any “heart attack burger” at a kitschy restaurant in the deep south and you realize it is more than reasonable. But a full human arm? A leg? Is it absorbed by the alien symbiote? Is Venom internally force feeding Eddie Brock?

*Slaps Roof of car* You can fit SO man Body parts in this bad boy!


Deviating from the comics with this little tidbit of behavioral shift is an interesting choice. Keep in mind that there are also other caveats to having Venom not part of the Marvel Universe at large.

Where is Peter Parker?

The decision to make a Venom movie sans Spider-Man is another “Things that make you go hmmmm” moment. Not having Spidey in the same universe as Venom is akin to having a Loki movie in a universe without Thor or a Catwoman movie without Batman. I mean, it worked with Halle Berry so… oh wait.

Uhhh nevermind.


All in all, I was skeptical when I saw the first teaser. When the first two trailers debuted with some unfinished CGI, I still hadn’t been won over. This last preview gave me a glimmer of hope. I sincerely hope Sony pulls it off and has the start of a new franchise. I recall a time when Jim Carrey was attached to play¬†Cletus Kasady aka Carnage. From the third preview, we know there will be multiple symbiote’s that Venom will face. Hopefully they won’t rush to get the whole “band” together for the finale, leaving nothing for future installments.

How many people do you think Venom will snack on throughout the course of the movie? Let me know in the comments!

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Kenny Adams

Kenny is a member of the Nerd Dad staff.